Life After Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on November 11, 2015


The New York Book Pundit had this to say about a book on divorce:

“Rossana Condoleo’s ‘Happy Divorce’ is one of those rare gems that bring back your faith in humanity. Divorce is ugly, but you don’t actually have to “die” from it. […] And perhaps it’s safe to say ‘Happy Divorce’ is the post-divorce guide on how to bounce back and regain your strength and happiness, for real. With the right proactive attitude, you can turn what might be the bleakest chapter of your life into a pivotal moment toward genuine fulfillment.”

The blurb seems a bit too grand in its approach, but with divorce being so prevalent, why not try to learn from a book that is purported to be capable of “bringing back your faith in humanity”. The human spirit is indeed resilient and if a book reminds the divorced population that one can regain strength and happiness, it is likely worth a read. If nothing else, the theme of the book teaches the “art of the possible”; we can all grow from setbacks and formidable challenges that life sends our way.