The End/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on October 31, 2015


An article appeared in a recent edition of the WSJ on the leadership roles of CEO’s in the corporate world. The article touched on the issue of failure. Can a successful CEO ward of inevitable failure? The answer of course is that some failures cannot be avoided. However, a successful leader can determine how the end will take place. Studies have shown that the future course of events can be greatly shaped by how emotionally powerful experiences come to their end. A mediator is not a therapist. S/he cannot put a shattered marriage back into an organic whole. But they can help put the divorce process into a dignifoied and civil conclusion. That may have great impact on future events for the parties and their loved ones. As the article inciated: “Make the end count.” Make it civil and a chance for Win-Win. A most worthy goal.

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