Divorce and Money/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on August 30, 2015


There are persistent rumors that the Hollywood marriage of Football star Tom Brady, and his model wife, Gisele Budchen, is heading to divorce. One explanation that was offered is that there is a financial disparity in earning power. The Budchen worth is $340 million while the Brady wealth weighs in at a “paltry” $120 million. The information sounds absurd but no less so then when a couple allows financial differences to cause the demise of a productive marital relationship. It is widely presumed that arguments over money is a major cause of divorce. But why is this so?

A report of money and divorce was co-authored in 2012 by Sonya Britt and Jeffrey Drew. Mr. Drew explained the reason for the connection between money and divorce in an Email he sent to the editors of the Huffington Post. Mr. Drew theorized that arguments about money are truly arguments about power, trust, and other allied interests. In other situations, the disputes may actually simply be a result of underlying stress issues that the couple is experiencing due to monetary issues that have developed. Apparently, therefore, the disputes that potentially flow from the difference in earning power can even affect multi-millionaires.

Knowing what causes stress does not necessarily lead to a resolution of the problem. However, it is an indication that a trusted advisor or therapist needs to be brought into the family discussion. Life is not free of stress, even for multi-millionaires. But stress can be managed with expertise, good will and professional assistance. This blog believes in mediation as a tool for an amicable divorce. However, the first step to consider is whether divorce is necessary. When the couple can’t resolve their own differences, it is time to bring in a professional. A failure to do so can be a death knell to a marriage. Getting the proper intervention is a decision that is Win-Win. The marriage you save may be your own.