Another Perspective on Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on July 18, 2015


The thrust of this blog is that divorce can be civil and dignified. However, even civil and dignified divorce can be an event that s scarring and traumatic. Adults can deal with the negative impact of divorce via therapy, support groups, new opportunities for growth, etc. Not all are equally capable of succeeding in all these areas. Then there are the children. A recent article on the need to re-think divorce can be found at The article by Tracey Sloan is another perspective that we do not often hear. Divorce resolves some problems and creates others at the same time. Ms. Sloan discusses making better and wiser choices. She feels that sometimes divorce may not be an example of such a choice. The thoughts expressed are always worth considering if divorce is in your thoughts and consideration. For those contemplating divorce, the article offers a perspective that merits time and consideration.