Lessons From S.C. on Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on July 10, 2015


The taking down of the Confederate flag in South Carolina gained the attention of many. A former governor of South Carolina was asked how this feat was finally accomplished, after many failed efforts. The response was that the love shown by the relatives of the 9 slain churchgoers was sufficient light to turn back the “darkness” of those who opposed today’s action.

If light can beat back darkness, it follows that hope always has the ability to trump despair. For those leaving a marital relationship there likely is enmity, bitterness, and recrimination, to some extent. How does one go on after disappointment and broken dreams. How can one ever hope to forgive and move on. It will not come about by litigation and confrontation. Man is capable of forgiveness. The families of the 9 slain churchgoers have exemplifies that. Light can prevail over darkness. South Carolinians have taught that with one very strong symbolic act. The individual can overcome adversity even when it seems to be an overwhelming task. Divorce is a large enough challenge. Why compound the situation by allowing darkness to prevail. A small entry of light can dispel much darkness. Mediate don’t litigate. More importantly, let the light chase away the darkness. It is quite possible. The lesson of South Carolina is living proof of that.