Mediation Deportment/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on April 15, 2015


Attorney Dick Price wrote a piece recently for entitled “Considering Reconciling?” Attorney Price suggests behaviors that will go a long way in helping parties who might wish to reconcile in the future. The conciliatory behaviors are:

1. Don’t burn bridges.

2. Listen to the other party’s positions and needs.

3. Forgive

4. Admit mistakes.

5. Get professional help.

It strikes me that these behaviors are appropriate for all mediations, even where reconciliation is not a possibility. Listening and forgiving are helpful whatever the circumstances. They help the party who is exhibiting such behaviors in any event. Admitting mistakes is a wise course of behavior. Professional intervention can be very helpful. Whether or not you have a long-range goal of reconciliation, being humble, honest and considerate will accomplish much. Proper behavior is always in vogue. You will only find this out if you make the effort to practice such civil behavior. In this case, the well-being you preserve may truly be your own.