Timing is Everything/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on April 12, 2015


Melissa Levis wrote a post at HuffPo about divorce and its timing. Her piece is entitled “How to Know When Your Marriage is Really Over”. In point of fact, we can only make such a decision on the basis of emotion and intuition. There is no hard data that will help us form our opinion concerning the timing of a divorce, if such action is called for. The advice is stated in the following manner:

“To all of you on the fence, take your time. Have faith that you will know when you are ready to know.”

The key point of the advice is that a decision to divorce, or not to divorce, must always come from within. You need to ascertain whether you have rushed into such a decision. The decision will change the lives of many. The popular advice is that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Perhaps in the area of divorce the better advice is that any decision to divorce is worth implementing when you have invested the time and effort to assure yourself that the decision is a wise one. That will occur “when you know that you are ready to know.” Until that time, learn to take your time. Too much is at stake.