Divorce, Civility and a New Idea/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on January 11, 2015


On New Year’s Day, USA Today ran a story on an attorney and entrepreneur named Michelle Crosby. Attorney Crosby appeared in Court 15 times as a child, during her parents’ divorce proceeding. She learned then how “broken” the divorce system happens to be. Her solution was the creation of a program for divorce called Wevorce which works amicably with attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and counselors to strive to make divorce a collaborative effort. The Wevorce model eliminates costly drama of divorce proceedings, speeds up the process, and makes for happy clients. As one investor in the program saw it, Attorney Crosby is trying to tackle problems in an “antiquated industry”. The fact that new models for divorce are constantly being developed is the proof positive that changes need to be made in how we get divorced. Civility in divorce is not simply a good idea; it may be the only saving grace to the process of divorce in 2015 and beyond.