Thanksgiving 2014 and Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on November 27, 2014


Feeling despondent about your divorce and working what you have to be thankful for? Author Jackie Pilossoph weighs in on this topic at Huffington Post. Of course, above all else, any marriage that led to children, is a union with its positive legacy In addition, Ms. Pilossoph discusses personal reasons for being thankful such as one’s health and one’s family and friends. However, there are two other reasons for being grateful that merit discussion. If a person has been through a divorce, they are leaving behind a marriage that was clearly far from perfect. It may have been dysfunctional or not, it may have been abusive or not, but it clearly was not a wholesome and positive relationship. Leaving behind a relationship that was flawed and possibly negative is in itself a reason for being thankful. However, the best reason for being thankful on this day, or on any day,is saved for last by Ms. Pilossoph. On any day of your life you have the balance of your life to contemplate and to embrace. There are new opportunities to consider, new people to meet, and new relationships to share. Remember the college fund advertisement that reminded us that “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”? Life is a terrible thing to let slip by. Take the lessons of the past and be hopeful for the future. We should not let the possibilities of the future slip away by lamenting the past. Tomorrow is another day. Focus on what is possible for your future. The ability to dream about new possibilities is a wonderful cause and reason for thanksgiving.