Taking a Solemn Oath/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on November 13, 2014


A divorce attorney, Krista Barth, wrote a column for Huffington Post on wedding vows she would include in a wedding ceremony, if she had the authority to do so. Attorney Barth concludes her thought-provoking column with the concluding “vow”:

“If ever you decide this marriage is over, you will agree to an uncontested divorce,without lawyers,remembering this very moment of magic and love, and if that time comes, you are allowed and required to put your children first.”

Indeed, it is rare that a couple who pursues divorce remembers the time when the relationship help out magic for them. Sadder yet, however, is the likelihood that couples going through divorce first consider the primary needs of their children. It is always jarring to see how love can quickly turn into hate. It is stunning though to see how the needs of the children rarely take center stage in the eyes of the couple who are pursuing divorce.

Attorney Barth, a divorce lawyer, would institute a wedding vow that a divorce, if needed, take place without divorce attorneys being involved. Love does indeed turn into hate. Marriage often (more than half the time according to statistics) turns into divorce. The individuals however need not morph into moral midgets when the time has come to dissolve a marriage. Whether you made this vow at the time of marriage, or not, it is helpful to realize that it is never to late to take the vow suggested by this outspoken divorce attorney.