A Lesson From Social Media/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on September 14, 2014


Allison Lichter wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal on 8/6/14 regarding Social Media “manners”. For example, some people preach to the choir while others wish to start passionate debate. One suggestion for dealing comfortably with discussions on the Social Media on controversial topics is described by Professor Ethan Kross of U. of Michigan. Turn away from a conversation thread that is upsetting or unduly annoying. Try to exert control over talk that is not to your liking. As Professor Kross expresses it: “Some people are angry and want to stay angry.”

The quote about anger is food for thought. Are you a person, in the process of a dispute such as divorce who is angry and wants to stay angry? Litigation will do nothing to mollify your anger. On the other hand, mediation very possibly will bring the anger level way down. Are you angry and wishing to remain so? Give that some prolonged consideration. The answer to this question may color the rest of your life.