Divorce: When Children Become Hostages/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on August 3, 2014


Mark Sanford, former Governor of SC, and current US Representative was ordered by a judge to enter into mediation with his ex-wife Jenny. His divorce is complete, but the court has been asked to review the trust fund that was to have been set up for 2 of their children. The two parents had agreed to work together to set up this account in the aftermath of their divorce. The bitter divorce did not set the groundwork for such cooperation between Mom and Dad.

The mediation will take place in the future. If it is not successful, expect to see the Sanfords back in Court to resolve this matter.

The matter here is reminiscent of the bitter divorce in New Jersey between former Governor James McGreevey and his ex-wife, Dina Matos. The lurid details of the divorce, and the infighting caused the Judge to caution the parties that the child was going to suffer from the pettiness and enmity that had been created. The Judge reminded the parties that one day their daughter will know how to Google this divorce proceeding and would be upset with the activities of both of her parents. This unfortunate type of child abuse has no name, as of yet, but one has to wonder how intelligent and successful parents are not capable of summoning their “better angels” even as they get divorced.

Care about your children as you get divorced? Mediate don’t litigate.