Marital Mediation/Martin Rosenfeld,JD

Posted on January 20, 2014


There is a website that is dedicated to promulgating articles and insights into the new field of marital mediation. Not surprisingly, the website is found at One of the articles that deals with marital mediation is found at This article is authored by an attorney and divorce mediation, Laurie Israel, Esq. Unlike marital therapy which deals with feelings and a search for understanding of behaviors that have arisen, marital mediation deals with behaviors that have led to conflict. It deals with actions and tries to reduce the conflict that has arisen. The question a marital mediator might ask is quite different from the stereotypical “How does that make you feel?”. More likely, the question will be “What are you planning to do?”. 

Not everyone has the time or resources to go through a lengthy therapeutic regimen. Marital mediation is short-term and non-invasive. Its goal is the creation of a more productive negotiation style for the marital pair. The website is well-produced and is worth a look-see.