Communication and Child Custody/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on March 24, 2013


I belong to a listserve where a mediator asked for the best computer-based program for dealing with custody issues. A program was identified as being most helpful. This all makes me wonder what people did before computer programs on this topic were available. Perhaps they actually communicated in those days.

There is no substitute for parental cooperation in all post-divorce matters involving children. If a couple cannot work together on matters affecting their children, they probably will never be able to communicate effectively, on anything. Children do not ask to be brought into this world. They are entitled, once they arrive, to the full cooperation of their parents. There is no excuse to use divorce as a way of avoiding dialogue on all child-centered issues. Some things just don’t need a computer age to be effectuated. they need the cooperation of two adults, known as co-parents, to work in the best interests of their children.