A Mediator Confronts Violence/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on December 20, 2012


A mediator by the name of Clare Fowler, wrote a succinct but poignant blog about the tragedy of Newtown, CT. Her piece is entitled “Silence in Sandy Hook” and can be found at http://wp.me/1jbdl. Ms. Fowler went searching for posts by mediators on the Sandy Hook murders but came up empty-handed. Her conclusion was that the most powerful tool of the mediator is silence; embodied by the willingness to listen to others. Ms. Fowler concluded that we are all listening; to the pain of the parents, to the love between parent and child, and to the reality that something precious was stolen away. The silence also leads to positive changes. Parents now hold their loved ones a bit tighter. By listening we assure ourselves, and the bereaved parents, that we will never forget.

Mediation skills, a poetic touch, and a beautiful tribute are all part of the message of “Silence in Sandy Hook”. It will not take long to read but it will remain with you for quite some time.


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