Teens and Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on December 10, 2012


Rosalind Sedacca, an author on divorce-related matters, has a post on teens and the effects of divorce. (Found at Huffington Post’s website). The suggestions she offers apply to teenagers going through any stressful time, but have particular application to the divorce process. The suggestions are:

1. Maintain Family Routines. Change is an unwelcome matter to many children. It is particularly difficult during a period as traumatic as divorce. Routine is most welcome when so much is uncertain and uncharted as the divorce process. Routine is also reassuring to a child that not all that is familiar will be subject to sudden change and variance.

2, Reinforce Your Love. Children tend to blame themselves for events such as divorce, though this may not be a logical concern. Love is most needed during this time.

3. Be a Role Model. How you handle the process of divorce will teach the child a great deal about coping skills and problem-solving. Conversely, self-defeating behavior during a divorce can undo many years of effective and positive parenting.

4. Create Positive New Experiences. Anything that is positive is welcome during this uncertain time. Positive experiences may also may it safer for your teenager to feel free to express their feelings and needs.

The divorce period is difficult for all. Raising teenagers is difficult even under the best of circumstances. Giving thought to how you will parent your teenager during divorce will be time well-spent. Ms. Sedacca has written much of value on the topic of divorce. Look for her writings for well-reasoned guidance and insight.