Reason for Not Getting Divorced/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on October 7, 2012


On the Huffington Post blogsite,  Beverly Willett wrote a piece “We Are Seven”. The word seven as in “seven years old”. Read the following excerpt and think about the role of divorce in family dysfunction:

“If you have a seven-year-old of your own — or a child of any age — I imagine you’ve often watched them sleep. Try also imagining this. Envision yourself in your child’s place if you decide to walk out the front door. And then carry that memory around with you for awhile. Because seven only comes once, you know. Or 8 or 9 or 10.

If your spouse is abusive or threatening, or you’re living with some other high-conflict situation that makes staying dangerous for you or your children, perhaps it’s better if you walk. But otherwise, is it really too much to ask of yourself that you think long and hard about getting over your own frustration or anger or marital boredom and do whatever it takes to get help for you and your spouse to make your relationship work?”

There are many good reasons why unhappy people should get divorced. I espouse many of them. Ms. Willett offers one counter-argument. Read this important post if divorce has been a real possibility for you. A most important article that should be read by many.