A Senator’s Divorce Story/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on September 29, 2012


The former Senator from Tennessee, Bill Frist recently entered into divorce proceedings with his wife. The article that describes the legal tenor of his divorce can be found at http://www.tennessean.com/article/20120919. What makes the Frist divorce notable is the desire of the two parties to make this divorce amicable.
The Frists both filed “bare bones” legal papers with the Court. There was no wild charges made therein nor excessive or wordy filings. The divorce was marked by the total absence of aggressive tactics. The upshot of confrontational tactics is that it tends to make an easy resolutiuon rather difficulyt and it increases the likelihood that children or loved ones will be hurt.
The Frists aimed for a negotiated setllement of their common issues and worked towards a “collaborative divorce”.
The Frist divorce is unique only in the prominence given to the parties, but it serves as a reminder that amicable divorce is both highly achievable and mutually beneficial.

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