Input Needed/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on September 9, 2012


This blog has been on line for more than two years. Many posts have agreed, coming from a variety of authors. I do not know what articles touch the most reader interest except through the feedback of statistics. I know, for example, that posts about children get many readers as do posts about the economics of divorce. I would like more information. Please feel free to write me, or comment on this post, with suggestions or reactions relative to what appears on It is my hope that the idea of civil divorce will get out as a concept that needs to be embraced. Please take the time though to write your suggestions to me, or post them as a comment to this blog contribution.

Peggy Noonan, former advisor and speechwriter to the senior President Bush recently wrote that America has one thing in abundance; i.e. complaints. This blog is meant to be self-help for those going through divorce. Your input and feedback can counter the sense that all we can do about divorce is complain. Let’s be proactive and decide how divorce can indeed be more civil. Thank you for your input.