A Minnesota Judge Confronts Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on September 1, 2012


The following message was recently recently written by a Family Court Judge in Minnesota, Bruce Peterson:

“My judicial career has been focused in family law, which is hopelessly behind in coping with 50% divorce rates and 40% unmarried parent rates. Family fragmentation on this scale, the worst in the world, is going to have devastating social consequences unless we soon develop more child-friendly legal and social structures.

In this talk, drawing on the piercing legal critique developed by my friend and Tikkun editor Peter Gabel, and the latest scientific evidence brilliantly summarized by Lynn McTaggart in her new book, The Bond, (referring to the bond between people) I offer a vision of divorce without courts. The substantive issue–humanizing the divorce process–is terribly important. Equally important is that this kind of spiritual analysis can be applied to many other issues. Watch it and tell me what you think!”

The blog and accompanying lecture-video are found at:


The video is long, and you may wish to watch only the last 6-7 minutes. Give some thought to the question how anger and confrontation can be left out of your divorce process. A weighty question one needs to consider.