Divorce and Depression/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on August 20, 2012


Any change in circumstances that is traumatic has the possibility of inducing a bout of depression. Divorce is one of the most unsettling events a person can possibly experience. A blog recently written by Cheryl Dillon, found at http://www.equitabledivorce.com, presents some interesting thoughts about how divorcing individuals can stave off the possibility of depression. Among the thoughts expressed by Ms. Dillon are the following:

1. Make the period following divorce a time for setting new goals and plans.

2.  There is a well-known maxim that when one door closes another one opens. Be on the lookout for opening doors.

3. Post-divorce is a time where help may need to be enlisted. The help may be as simple as a car pool or as complex as professional counseling. Reach out to those who can support you during this period of new challenges.

There is no need to be reluctant to seek help during the post-divorce period. The airlines remind us, pre-flight, that if there will be a drop in cabin pressure, we must put on our own oxygen mask before we help your child with theirs. We can only be there for others if we first take care of ourselves. Learn the signs of depression. If it will not be needed by you, it might help others when they confront their own life challenges.