Game Theory in Divorce Mediation/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on July 1, 2012


Ever hear the term “zero-sum game” and wonder what it means? An article found at written by Frederike B. Bannink gives ample background. Many “games” in life are “zero sum”. For one party to win, one will need to lose. Think of the last time you tried to beat out another motorist at a green light. If that intersection led to a one-lane road, you were playing a zero-sum game. It feels good when you win, unless of course the two cars collide.

Mediation is built on the fact that I can win, get what I truly want, and yet the other party can win as well. This is the premise of the Win-Win aspect of mediation. It works in real life and it is less destructive than the alternative. Read the article if you can, read about mediation, and practice it should the necessity arise in divorce or in any other dispute.

Mediation works. Stop playing zero-sum games.