What About the Kids?/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on March 14, 2012


It has been stated that effective writing is when the written word seems to be in conversational English. We are writing as if we were having a dialogue with our reader. Such an article about children and divorce recently appeared at mediate.com. The article,”Do Children Fare Better in a Mediated or Litigated Divorce?”, by Dr. Howard Chusid, addresses an important issue in directed language. The divorce, we are reminded, is not just a divorce of adults. It is a divorce that affects all family members, especially children. Give thought to meeting the needs of your children at thyis time.

Children need to be talked to about what has transpired. They deserve an explanation they are capable of understanding. The decisions that will be made need to take the best interests of the children in mind. We need to resist the temptation to use children, and their schedules, as a way of annoying our ex-spouse. While divorce leads parties to bear much anger, we must remember that anger has a price tag; both emotionally and financially. A good divorce helps conserve financial resources. Why give your money to attorneys when it can be spent on  items your children will need?

Dr. Chusid is not telling us things we do not already know. But he phrases his thoughts in such a manner as to elicit our silent consent: “Of course he is right.” Make a commitment to make your children’s needs the highest priority in your divorce negotiation. You will never regret such a decision.