How Not to Save Marriages/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on November 20, 2011


Recently, Vicki Larson wrote a blog for Huffington Post on “How Not to Save Your Marriage”.  There are still people who feel they can save a marriage by lavish gifts.  If a new home will save your marriage, it might be worth a try, but one needs to know that this bears a low probability of success.  Likewise, a decision to have a baby will not likely save a marriage.  Ms. Larson points out how the stress and isolation that is often the result of adding one more to the household is not a likely recipe for marital bliss.

What then can one do if their marriage is “teetering on the rocks”.  There are no shortcuts but Ms. Larson has two suggestions: Marital education (see articles in this blog, for example, on marital mediation) as well as marital therapy.  If your marriage is important to you, it is worth a major effort.  Don’t settle for solutions that bypass the need for conversation, professional help, and therapeutic intervention.  You make find Ms. Larson’s piece at