Divorce and Holidays/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on November 20, 2011


A recent blog by Cicily Janus gives advice about celebrating Holidays post-divorce. The article appears as a Top-10 list and it contains much wisdom. The top 3 pointers are listed here:
3. Do not use time with your family to badmouth your ex. Firstly, you too are an ex-spouse and you are indicting yourself as well by pointing out how ex’s are responsible for the downfall of marriages. More important is the fact that your children need not be treated to a dissertation on why their parent’s character is deficient. This one is Lose-Lose all-around.
2. Don’t become so involved in finding a new love interest that you forsake your own family. Such behavior is both self-indulgent and self-destructive.
1. You are entitled to start life with a “clean slate”. Grieve over the lost relationship if you must but then give yourself the right to begin again and look forward rather than backward. There is an aphorism that only the oarsmen makes progress by looking backwards. Use the Holiday period for a chance for renewal and productive planning for your future.
The Janus article is available at HuffingtonPost’s website. It is worth your review.