A Lesson From a Very Public Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on November 20, 2011


Dr. Jane Greer, writing for Huffington Post , tried to outline some insights gleaned from the short-lived Kardashian wedding. As she describes it, a number of her clients had begun to ask how soon one may acknowledge that her marriage is not meant to be.  The thoughts by Dr. Greer center about the difference between hope for a marriage as contrasted to the actual work and effort that a marriage requires.  Should one admit defeat early on and “bail out” of their marriage before too much pain and disappointment has accrued?  Dr. Greer has a more productive approach.  Couples need to obtain coping skills.  Marriage is about learning how to share and learning how to com[promise.  Dr. Greer’s suggestion is not difficult to comprehend but it does entail emotional investment.  In a marriage that is vulnerable, the couple will need to learn how to communicate and how to attain compromise between all stated desires and demands.  Through the dedicated efforts of each party, a marriage that is foundering can be given the chance to succeed.  This makes a good deal more sense that publicizing your problems and announcing through social media that the marriage has ended.  Dr. Greer’s article can be found on HuffingtonPost.com.  It tries to find constructive lessons in what has become a source of derision and ridicule.