Am I To Blame?/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on November 18, 2011


Jonah Goldberg wrote a humorous/contemplative piece about whether or not the average American is now to blame for America’s problems…along with George W. Bush, the Japanese tsunami, Wall Street, etc.,etc. This piece has a trenchant point to make. It is foolish to place the blame for failings on others. But this is what many do as they undergo the divorce process.  I am not to blame for this “mess”; it is my ex’s fault! The blame game is immature, it accomplishes little, and it serves no constructive purpose. Want to do something constructive and proactive? Engage your spouse in discussion even as you divorce. Learn from the past failures so you can avoid these issues in the future. Try to leave your marriage with your dignity intact. I don’t know if Jonah Goldberg knows how to do this, but you certainly do. This civility and dignity can be accomplished through mediation. Try it. It works.