How to Get a Marriage to Fail/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on November 3, 2011


A silly internet article appeared recently with a list of 10 problems that might arise in a marriage. It included such posts as “Bad Hair days”.  These articles are either written by fifth graders or are written for them.  Since people like lists here is my concise list of three ways to get your marriage to fail:

1.  Forget to say “Thank You” and fail to be appreciative.

2. Never acknowledge something might be your fault as opposed to your spouse’s fault.

3. Only comment when you have something critical to say.  Never ask your spouse about their day, their opinion, etc.

Even if you have decided to end your marriage, try to adapt some of these thoughts to your divorce discussions.  It all goes to trying to find dignity in your relationships with over.  Positive behavior is always appropriate; give it high priority in all you do. Make up your own list and live by it.