The Power of Mediation/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on August 29, 2011


In a recent post on, Jim Hildreth wrote “Tears Flow at Mediation”. Mr. Hildreth was acting as a mediator in a legal matter where two parties shared the same lat nae. It did not take  to ascertain that the men were father and son. The legal battle involved the son being evicted from his residence by his father. The mediation discussion yielded the following non-legal information: Father was upset with Son’s lack of family participation. In fact, there was now a grandson in the picture and the new grandfather desperately wanted to see him. For his part, Son wanted more independence and less oversight. Mediator Hildreth began the process of what he called “healing” by a simple request: he asked the men to shake hands. This act of human touch began the desired process of healing and the Court’s ultimate decision made reference to this healing process.
What does mediation have to do with healing? The answer is “everything”. Parties locked in a dispute often have layers of disagreement and rancor. The mediator begins to peel away the layers by making dialogue possible and allowing he parties to learn to respect the  position of the other side, even if they disagree with it.
Mediation works. Give it a try.