The Facebook Generation/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on August 15, 2011


Steve Adubato, a communication coach and journalist, made a number of interesting points in a recent column. Facebook has taught a generation how to communicate in cyberspace. What happens when such people try to communicate face-to-face? How prepared are they for such direct communication? Does Facebook and other social media teach people how to make the human connection? Cyberspace is fun but is it a real world? How will Facebook “graduates” learn how to negotiate differences with others, resolve conflicts with others, or even talk with others when eye-contact and not a keyboard becomes integral to the medium of communication?
In divorce litigation, there is another concern. By interposing attorneys who become our “hired guns” we never need to communicate with former spouses and significant others.
Facebook has done much to revolutionize how we connect to others. But at what price? Are we losing human contact? If you question this thesis, just ask yourself this question: When you last had a delicate subject to discuss, did you opt for human dialogue or settle for impersonal E-Mails transmitted vis cyberspace? We are having greater contact with other humans and yet we probably send less time in dialogue tht did previous generations. Is this impersonal mode of communication going to mark the way you conclude your marital relationship? You deserve better. Mediate, don’t litigate; and don’t settle for virtual discussion when better options exist.