Your Parents Were Right:Don’t Whine/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on May 31, 2011


Howard Kurtz on The Daily Beast wrote a whimsical op-ed piece excoriating those politicians who began the makings of a Presidential run only to later wimp out. They wanted more family time, more privacy, etc. As Mr. Kurtz reminds us, the Presidency is a rather cool job. Among its perks are a mansion with a backyard, a chef, helicopters, and an arsenal on nukes. Hard to top all that!
The message of Mr. Kurtz might be shrouded in humor but it is this: we whine much more than we should. Sometimes we must act like adults and do what is needed to be done without complaints, accusations, and limp self-defense. In a divorce it is quite likely that one can descend into the blame game, self-pity, and mediocre problem-solving. Some will shrivel up, some will hire a “legal gun” but others will become proactive. They will seek solutions, initiate positive discussion, and seek to close the door on the marriage with dignity. Simply stated, you can act as a whiner or act with dignity. I know of no way better to act with dignity than to strive for Win-Win via divorce mediation. Has America become a country of whiners? This question is irrelevant. You need not descend to such behavior. Mediate don’t litigate.