Holocaust Memorial Day, NJ Chief Justice, and Your Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on May 2, 2011


I attended a Holocaust Memorial Day event in Clifton, NJ. One of the speakers on this program was NJ Chief Justice Stuart Rabner. Chief Justice Rabner is the son of Holocaust survivors and a proud Jew. Perhaps his greatest tribute came to the Chief Justice when he was nominated to be NJ Attorney General after his predecessor left the position in the wake of ethical lapses. Politicians from all stripes lauded the nomination of Stuart Rabner as his ethical credentials were deemed unassailable. A politician chosen to fill a position because his ethical fibre was unimpeachable. How rare is that? It was a Kiddush HaShem of the highest order.

Parties who go through divorce often pursue self-styled standards of justice and financial achievement. Imagine therefore the impact on your children, family and friends if you decide to pursue divorce in a manner that embodies ethics and menschlichkeit. Imagine what your children will feel if they know their parents sought to get divorce with civility and dignity. This is the true Win-Win scenario. This is eminently attainable. Ask Chief Justice Rabner of New Jersey. Ethical achievement is a wonderful way to define your life and your goals in life. Litigation will not accomplish these ends. Make your divorce decisions wisely. Your children, as well as you, will always reap the rewards of such action.