Keys to Resolving Conflict/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on April 22, 2011


On there is an article by Diana Mercer summarizing her findings on mediation. Her book is entitled “The 8 Keys to Resolving Family Conflict”. This article is succinct and of great importance.
I would like to focus on one of Ms. Mercer’s theses: “Keep the conversation going:Life is a dialogue.” Very little is ever gained by cutting off conversation. Conversation may be difficulty, even painful, but it is often of greatest importance.
Many op-ed pieces have appeared in recent days about a decision the President has made about budget-deficit talks. He invited the proponent of the Republican plan, Rep. Paul Ryan to a major address. He sat him in a prominent place in the audience. He then proceeded to ridicule the Ryan plan. Is this more likely or less likely to lead to greater inter-party talks on this topic in the future? At times, the quick shot at our opponent feels good for the moment but if it kills discussion what will have been gained?
Life is a continuing dialogue. Divorce is a part of life. It merits discussion with our “opponent” even when this is difficult. The very name of Pesach, we are told, is a contraction of two words. Translation:The mouth (“Peh”) spoke (“sach”). Life is not easy. Neither is conversation. But truly life is a dialogue. May the dialogue always continue. Even when it is not easy.