Budgets, Politics, and Mediation/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on April 10, 2011


The newspapers are replete with the analyses about winners and losers in the budget battle. The President won because he was seen as a bridge between the parties, but he lost because he was too passive. Republicans won because they cut significant money from the budget but they lost because they were seen as opposing women’s rights. The Democrats lost because they were reactive and slow in acting but they won because they fought for several important programs.
The bottom line is that no one really won because the public got to see the making of sausage and did not like what they learned about all parties. The real question is truly “Who lost least of all?”
Divorce Mediation is considered to be Win-Win. Why is this so? Because all parties are working side-by-side and they are not posturing. They are learning how to listen to the needs of others. They know that ultimately the best solution is where both parties give a bit in order to gain much of what they need. Cooperation is something about which we can say: You know it when you see it. Leave the sausage-making for others. Learn how to communicate and how to find common solutions. Mediation is how to attain goals of Win-Win. Mediation Works. Try it.