The Obama Doctrine and Your Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on March 21, 2011


In recent days, we have read that President Obama has a new doctrine; a brilliant one based on careful study and bridge-building. Conversely, we have read that the President is a leader who leads by “dithering” and “punting”. Which version is correct? The answer seems obvious. To those who tend to favor the President, they see new vistas, doctrines, and visions. They see hope. To those who tend to dislike the Obama Presidency, they see feckless and rudderless behavior. Humans tend to form opinions about truth. They then “cherry-pick” the facts or opinions that will bolster and support their prior beliefs.
It goes without saying that in a divorce process, impressions and beliefs about one’s spouse have already been formed. For the trained litigator, the dye is cast. Simply reinforce pre-conceived ideas about one’s mate, “cherry-pick” the operant facts and you will have a happy client and protracted legal warfare. Where will this battle of the litigators lead to? A road filled with legal bills, smoldering anger, and the ultimate stalemate.
On the other hand, mediation can lead to Win-Win, an easing of tensions, and Win-Win. Which road is more likely to help you prepare for the next chapter of your life? Give this question some thought as you plan for your divorce strategy. Few decisions that you will make will have greater significance.