10 Ways to Have A Civil Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on March 6, 2011


In this culture of Top-10 Lists, I thought it might be appropriate to have a List of 10 ways to have a Civil Divorce. In no particular order, they are:

1. Keep your children out of all controversies, but do remind them that both parents still love them.
2. Consider divorce mediation.
3. Consider collaborative divorce.
4. Consider binding arbitration or a neutral panel to help resolve all differences.
5. Go to a therapist to help in easing all trouble spots and/or attempting to reconcile your differences.
6. Talk with your spouse and try to work out an agreement on as many issues as possible.
7. Talk to a clergyman or confidante who has training in the marital arena.
8. Make a pact with your spouse that under no circumstance will you let your differences lead you to costly and traumatic litigation.
9. Think of the person you wish to be post-divorce and act in ways consistent with this vision.
10. Divorce Mediation. (Yes it was already listed but trying to get to Win-Win is just too important a goal and it cannot be over-emphasized.)

Divorce is often traumatic but you and your spouse can prove it need not be so. Civility is always in vogue. Civil divorce is well worth the effort.