Being Taken Seriously/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on January 26, 2011


An Atlanta print journalist, Kyle Wingfield, asked whether we can take the President seriously after his State of the Union address, in light of inconsistencies and inflated claims. Mr. Kingfield is no fan of the President. The fact remains that politicians are often inconsistent and blustery in what they say. Perhaps this is why they are indeed not taken seriously. A look at recent polls relative to confidence in Congress will bear this out.

The same “serious” question can be asked about litigation. Who takes “hired guns” (i.e. attorneys) seriously as they pontificate about why their client is always in the right and the opposing party is always in the wrong. This is a form of gamesmanship that litigation seemingly encourages.

Tired of playing games? Tired of not being taken seriously? Take the reins of your dispute and say what needs to be said. Be heard and also learn how to listen. This will be effected by mediation, not by litigation. No one wants to be taken in a non-serious manner. Mediation is Win-Win. It makes sense. Try it and enjoy being taken seriously.