Enter G-D/Rabbi Dr. Reuven Bulka

Posted on December 13, 2010


Editor’s Note: The following is a fitting conclusion to Rabbi Bulka’s book on divorce. It sums up, in many ways, the purpose of this blogsite; to pursue civil methods of ending one’s marriage. MR

Peace is so vital to the community that, in the words of the Midrash (Leviticus Rabbah, 9:9), “G‑d allows the Name of G‑d to be erased into water, to effect harmony between husband and wife.” Such erasure is a serious sacrilege, but when it is done in the ritual of reconciliation, it is permitted, even mandated.

When the peacefulness of the couple is upset, and divorce finalized, G‑d’s Name is erased. There is little vestige of G‑dliness, of a higher code of ethics, in the behavior of many couples going through the process of divorce. But G‑d, and the transcending ethic that emanates from G‑d, must be as much a part of divorce as of marriage.

The problem is obvious, the need for action is imperative. If not now, when? (Avot, 1:14). Acting with immediacy in the face of a crisis is itself an ethical imperative.