Mediation or Living in the Past/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on November 21, 2010


A recent article by Victor Davis Hanson makes the case for President Obama to drop the excuse for failed policies that “President Bush was the cause for this.” In a convincing portrayal, Mr. Hanson points out how President Bush, smile intact, is now selling books, attempting to rehabilitate his Presidency, while president Obama is forced to explain how the Democratic losses in the midterm election reached near historic proportion. The advise is simple; move on and stop living in the past.

In a divorce, one party, if not both, often relives the past and gets stuck in discussing wrongs, hurts, injustices, etc. The fact that this is natural does not make it productive. The feelings are common but they do not justify living in the past. It is simply time to move on and build towards a brighter future. This a=cannot be done easily where confrontation and litigation were given a free hand. Civility will always trump confrontation in yielding productive results. The answer is simple: mediation and dialogue must be given a chance. Mediation provides for Win-Win. Try it. It beats living in the past and blaming others for being stuck in place.

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