The Role of Apology in Civil Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on November 7, 2010


Divorce Mediation allows the divorcing couple one last, real chance to communicate about their marriage. An article was written this week, by Dina Haddad, Esq., and found at on the role of apology in the divorce process. This article is well worth reading. Among the points made by Ms. Haddad is the concept that apologies have a healing quality to them. It can help keep past issues truly in the past, thus enabling the couple to go on to a more positive future. When a couple will still need to remain in contact, as co-parents, the apology can have a definite rehabilitative quality to it. Of course, a heartfelt apology will also hold within it a bit of a hedge against the likelihood of vindictive litigation or litigation based on the need to uphold some principle or another that often sparks the litigious mode.

Ms. Haddad defines the successful apology aso ne that acknowledges the harm and the aggrieved parties. A well-considered apology can go a long way to helping remove the toxicity from the situation at hand. It can also help the “apologizer” find relief from pain and guilt.

This article is an insightful one and shores up the argument for preferring mediation over litigation. The contribution by Atty. Hadad on apology and divorce is well worth you time and consideration.