Divorce Negotiations and Keeping Life Balanced/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on October 5, 2010


A recent health column penned by Tara Parker-Pope informs us that happy people articulate many more substantive thoughts than do people who report not being happy. “Don’t worry, be happy” may not actually be valid advice. Happy people conduct conversations that are more weighty than do their more dour counterparts.

What does this mean for us? This is difficult to say. One possible lesson to derive is that serious matters per se do not lead to melancholy or a lack of verve. Life is meaningful. Tackle it head-on and deal with life on many dimensions. This is more to life than “whistling a happy tune.”

Divorce negotiations are very weighty and carry with them great ramifications for future life. The fact that there is much substance to such negotiations does not mean that they need be unduly sad nor painful. Tackle the issues of divorce with determination, but also with a sense of civility and equity. Mediation helps de-mystify the divorce process. Civility is always a worthwhile goal to pursue. Use divorce mediation to help you accomplish what you need post-divorce, with civility and equanimity. Win-Win will lead you to a greater sense of fulfillment and tranquility. Mediation works.