A Note of Introduction to Civil Divorce/Civil Get

Posted on July 4, 2010


A group of Jewish professionals consisting of Mental Health Professionals, Rabbis, Mediators, and Attorneys have formed a new group called Civil Divorce/Civil Get. Its mission statement is listed below:

Mission Statement:   The mission of Civil Divorce/Civil Get is to encourage more civil and just ways for Jewish families to obtain both a civil divorce and a religious Get, and to serve as a resource for individuals and families who seek professional guidance.  This will be promoted through educational, professional, and communal activities provided by mental health and communal practitioners. At all times, the work of Civil Divorce/Civil Get will be guided by traditional Jewish teachings and sound mental health and legal principles.

You may get information about divorce in 1 of 2 ways; i.e. by replying to a blog submission or by writing to the Blog administrator, Martin Rosenfeld, at: Rosenfeld@Juno.Com. (www.NJMediationWorks.com).

It is the hope of this group’s founders, numbering close to 50 individuals, that you get the assistance you need to assure that your divorce and Get proceedings are handled in a manner that befits our tradition; in a civil and dignified manner.  Do not hesitate to contact us whether you need guidance, a referral, a resource, or specific information, as related to divorce or Get proceedings.  The first blog article will appear by mid-week.  Please look for it.